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Invite ..Power Cruise in Brainerd Mn Mid July 2014

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I'm  taking the E85 HHR out to the Brainerd Raceway in Mid July for the PowerCruise and hoping some of you Guys and Gals can come out as well.



They split the vehicles up by class ..so yeah you can bring cruise in rusty old pickup if you want...






"Cruise sessions allow entrants to drive their cars alongside some of the toughest automotive hardware in the land. Muscle cars, hot rods, imports, drag cars, blown, bottled, turbo-charged and naturally aspirated, and everything in between can be found on-track with their petrol head owners able to take passengers along for the ride of their life."











a Couple Nephews went last year and said it was a blast.. you can take your street rod or old jalopy  and Cruise the Road Course of Brainerd International Raceway.. 



alot of E85 is used !!!! ..





Cost is $100 to participate in the "Cruise" ..



There are also Competitions.. Drag races , drifting , etc..






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That looks like a blast!



Plenty of Camping in the area as well..If you buy a multi day pass the campsite is free.





For $100 to be in the cruise that's pretty cheap Advertising for  E85.. besides just being a hell of alot of fun



The Brother in law is blind as a bat and his kids bought him a car to run..so personal basis I'm going to have  fun just watching him run.. I'm not getting near him.. I'm installing a GoPro Camera and follow him  ;D







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Feel free to bring the family..plenty to do in Brainerd for everyone.. Go Karts and water park for the kids , shopping if the women get bored ,,  Some good steak houses



Not "just" a guy thing ..

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