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NEW station in Cedar Rapids IA

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Kum & Go

1420 Mt. Vernon Rd.

Cedar Rapids IA



Dan...  this concludes my "confirmed station updates for Iowa"... but I have 3 more unconfirmed that I'm trying to verify for you.


Green Plains (blender) in Everly

Cenex (blender?) in Hartley

Rolfe Heartland (blender?) in Rolfe


I will let you know what I find out when I do.  I have several of "our stations" that were NOT on the Iowa RFA list.  I'm going to be confirming these as well to assure that they have not dropped e85.  So far, I've called 2 of them, and BOTH were quite annoyed that the Iowa RFA didn't have them listed.  I referred them to e85prices.com for the most up to date list ;)


If I verify that any of our stations are closed, I will report these in one bulk "no longer selling e85 at these stations in Iowa" thread...

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Thanks Husker,



Really appreciate all the help..you guys and gals are the best .. there is just no way to know where all these new and closed stations are without all of you participating..which is why the Govt Database is 1,000 stations behind..because they don't have the Community of people participating



It's all of YOU that makes the difference on keeping the database uptodate





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I've found that some stations will upgrade to a blender across town, or across the street... but the government databases will have BOTH of them listed. 


I like how we (this site) have local enthusiasts that take it upon themselves to keep records (station adds and station closings) to keep the information accurate.


I think it is THIS accuracy that has lead this to be the most visited site on the web for e85 station locations...


Dan, do you have any data to support the dominance of this site over others out there?

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