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water test for E85

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After mpersell finding water in his Dallas E85, I decided to test some I've had in a metal coffee can doing a corrosion test on 5052 aluminum. The test was for someone on an airplane forum I go to. I filled the can about an inch deep and placed the aluminum so it was half in and half out simulating a partially filled airplane tank. Started that the first of Dec., poked a small hole in the plastic lid for a vent and placed in my hangar under the wing of the plane. The plane has been wet several times when warm moist air hit the cold airplane so plenty of humidity for about four months. Today I poured the fuel in a glass jar and froze it for 7 hours---no water dropped out. This should be a worst case senario I would think. Are they adding water to the fuel in Dallas? Oh yeah, no corrosion either.


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