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Station updates in Michigan

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with the current price of ethanol, plus the RIN... SOMEONE is making a huge profit (per gallon) on this...  that is IF they sell any volume...  at that spread, they may have to have an attendant go clear the cobwebs out of the pump handle for the first customer...  may have a problem selling the winter grade before summer...


Seriously, it may be worth dropping a line to the local newspaper/TV station...  include the picture you have there... local rack rates for ethanol and gasoline... what taxes are and estimation on shipping....


Most journalists these days are pretty lazy, having someone FIND the story, and do the initial research...  all they have to do is fill in the blanks... and wha-la...  instant story...  just a bit more work then cutting and pasting...


Could also let the first one you email this know that you will be sending the same information to  _______  in 1 week...  if they want THEM to get the story, just ignore this email...

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