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gas prices changing in Omaha after octane switch...

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Just posted my first price in a while... :(


Omaha prices are finally moving around for gas after the octane switcheroo...


e85 is still unchanged (for some time now) at $2.64.  After nearly 20 years of a steady 10cent difference between super unl e10 and regular unleaded e0...  now Kum and Go has a 23 cent spread between the two...  both at 87 octane now.


Bucky's has both regular and super unleaded both with 10% ethanol, but super unleaded has 89 octane...  they are blending ethanol and premium...  this is allowing them to keep the price of this down...


Here is a like to a good story on this...



Current Products and Pricing: A recent survey of Nebraska’s terminals identifies new fuel blends offered to the state’s service stations. One example is the slate of products available at the Magellan Terminal in Doniphan, NE on October 7, 2013.


Published Wholesale Prices - Blend Components: 10/7/2013: ($ per gallon, ex State & Fed. Tax)


84 octane gasoline 2.588


91 octane gasoline 3.092


113 octane ethanol 2.537


Available Products and Prices: (Blend Formula and Pricing)


87 octane gas (90%-84 octane gas – 10%-113 ethanol) 2.493


87 octane gas (50%-84 octane gas – 50% 91 octane gas) 2.940


89 octane gas (60%-84 octane gas – 30% 91 octane gas – 10% ethanol) 2.715


91 octane (100%-premium gas) 3.092

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