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A couple of updates to the Upper Peninsula...

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Went up to the Soo while I was north of the Mackinac bridge, and found a couple of updates.


I'm not sure if they moved, added a new station and then sold the old one, etc. Nonetheless, the location at 1058 Easterday Avenue is now an Admiral... and to my knowledge, no admiral locations sell E85 (this one doesn't). Here's the address, however, for a different location I ran into:



4224 Interstate 75 Business Spur (directly across from Wendy's)

(906) 632-4842


Now, I drove over to Menominee to check on the Fuel Express location listed there. I have been unable to find any trace of it, and sure enough, there is nothing there (see attached photo). Did you confuse this location with the already listed Angeli's fuel express, located in neighboring Marinette, WI?


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Hey Dan, can you make sure to delete the Fuel Express station from Menominee, MI? Nothing exists there.


Also, a couple more updates. The station listed as "Alexs Market" in Holly, MI is now a Shell. The Citgo in East Dundee, IL at 1077 E Main St is now a Shell as well.


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