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4 new e15 pumps in Nebraska... no e85 though!

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In east central nebraska just north of Lincoln, a local coop (Frontier) has switched out some tank space, and is offering e15.  They did the paperwork with the EPA and can market it for all 2001 and newer non FFV gas engines...


Note the very old pump in the picture...  OBVIOUSLY not a blender!


I noticed on the Nebraska Ethanol Board page http://www.ne-ethanol.org/?page=stations  that they have these marked on the map and list as blender pumps... (they are not)...


They are also listed the same way as the few blender pumps that have e15 as an option...


I sent the following letter to them to see if they can clarify this some...


I see that you have the 4 new e15 stations of Frontier coop on the map/list.


This is in-accurate as these are displayed as blender pumps...  e85 users could easily pull into one of these stations, on fumes thinking they had 85% ethanol, and instead be forced to put something that was 85% gas!  YUCK!  Not only would this ruin my 4 1/2 year streak of using only e85... it could cause my very clean fuel tank, pump, lines, injectors to gum up with gasoline varnish, cause un-needed carbon build up, and cause me sleepless nights from the guilt associated at the damage I contributed to our local economy, national economy, and environment!


You have these stations listed the exact same way you have the U-stop in Lincoln (84th street) that is a blender with e85 and e15...  I would suggest that you have a 3rd color for e15, and note NO E85...


Just a suggestion, as they way it is listed is quite confusing.  Had I not already known about this I would assume that since it is listed the same as U-stop, that they had the same fuels...

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...........Due to a lack of a one pound reed vapor pressure waiver for E15, retailers must change their labels in the summer months and offer E15 to flex fuel vehicles only. Beginning September 15 retailers can resume offering E15 to 2001 and newer vehicles -.......








Yeah try explaining that set up to your customers..  ;D



They just refuse to give up on E15 ..screw Choice (E85) got to push that volume

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