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Ethanol skyrockets on CBOT

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War, snore, more----- it's Labor Day weekend folks-- time for another raping of the public traveling before vacations end and gasoline demand subsides for the year.


There is always a rumor of war, a hurricane threat, refinery fire, or someone stepping on the crack and breaking their mamas back to cause panic as THE REAL reason why gas prices are rising to no fault of the wonderful here to serve you oil industry. The press is the mere fools tool to assist in this free campaign. Happens nearly every Labor day, often July 4th (not hurricanes then though) and then there is the annual "oh my gosh" refineries are burning, blowing up, not restarting Memorial day excuses. ;D


When it comes to Christmas though- rarely a spike there- after all it is Christmas and the oil companies feel more giving then. 'Course then there are no refinery turnarounds in cold weather to cause fires, no hurricanes,- there are only wars but then demand for gas is very low then so "being generous" for Christmas is less costly good will.

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