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E85 in 1999 GMC Jimmy (Chevrolet Blazer/Oldsmobile Bravada)

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Yes, the American market sure has an identity problem.


So, the 1999 GM product got E85 for the first time. The low fuel light came on. It supposedly has a 18 gallon tank, I was able to squeeze 13.2 gallon in it. Really?


So I gave it 6 gallon of E85 and topped off with the bad stuff. Now get this:


I got on the highway and about 10 minutes later the check engine light came on (vehicle is in top mechanical condition, no pending nor active codes). So I went home and did the readout, just to assure myself: Yes, 2 lean codes for both banks. Why I don't know. There is no way that the E85 could have made it into the engine yet. I think. I drove 8 miles!


I reset the CEL (Check Engine Light) and drove city traffic for 2 days. No lights, but the codes were pending again.


Another 2 days later, I wanted to clear the pending codes, guess what: None. Now the CEL will go off once whatever it detected goes back into the clear area, I saw it so many times.


But that a pending code disappears? I always thought they keep pending till, well, I guess someone clears them. Guess not.


Next week I will take it on a long run and probably see what is happening. Am planning on driving the vehicle with this mixture 1 or 2 tanks, maybe increase it, I guess then I will have to change the fuel filter, once it washed out all the nasty stuff.



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