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New Blender pump in rural North Dakota

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Six blender fuel pumps are featured at a new gas station in Velva, N.D. The new Farmer’s Union Oil Co. convenience store was financed with more than $3 million in loans and grants, including a grant of more than $159,000 from the Rural America for Energy Program....


...The blender pumps offer E10, E15, E30, E85 and other fuels, said Cory Schmaltz, general manager of Farmer’s Union Oil Co. The 7,000 square foot gas station is open 24 hours and offers fast food as well as a trucker’s lounge with showers and laundry. Velva is located 22 miles from Minot, N.D., in the north central region of the state. The town is growing due to its proximity to oil production in the western part of the state, he added.


don't have a physical address yet... but "I'm working on it"...

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Farmers Union and Oil

524 Hwy 52 W

Velva ND



e10, e15, e30, e85


called and it IS open now!  Though no one there could tell me the exact address, other then "Highway 52 West, a couple of blocks west of the old station..."  some searching, and found this info to piece together.

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