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Senators urge OK of E85 pumps--must read

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Continuing Story on Underwriters Certification


WASHINGTON – Fourteen farm-state senators are urging a private product-safety testing group to certify pumps that dispense ethanol.


Sen. John Thune, R-S.D., said the lack of the group’s certification has had a “chilling effect” on the installation of new E85 fuel pumps.


Underwriters Laboratories Inc. suspended the approval in October while completing a safety review of the


E85 pumps, which dispense 85 percent ethanol. The group has been investigating whether pump corrosion could cause explosions or other problems.


Ethanol is primarily used as a 10 percent additive in conventional gasoline, but the alcohol in higher concentrations such as E85 has potential to corrode some types of metal and damage conventional rubber fittings and hoses.


In a letter to the group’s president and CEO, the senators said they are concerned the lack of new pumps could slow the development of ethanol, which is in increasing demand.



"Until the pumps are certified, Thune said, the growth of E85 infrastructure has been brought to a standstill. "




I cannot help but think this all started with petroleums help (pulling UL listing)




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Hopefully they can get the job done soon---including blender pumps.


I wonder if Blender pumps are even part of the discussion?  I'd like to fire off an email to these Senators and inviting them to the forum and discuss Blender pumps along with other E85 issues. The problemis always geting tothe Senator instead of the Staff. I did get a personal response from Senator Coleman and Obama on an E85 issue a couple months back but most of the Senators I emailed ..their Staff just fires off a template response

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