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5th station in York Nebraska

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York just recently got their 5th e85 station.  This one is down at the MAJOR interstate intersection 3 miles south of town, so it should get very good business if their prices are even half way decent.


Pump & Pantry

3901 S. Lincoln Ave

York NE


(I-80 exit #353)



e10, e15, e85...  (yes, blender with no 'mid level blends'...)


For a town of only 7,800 and 45 min from any sizable town larger then it...  this is a phenomenal density of e85 stations.  I would be curious to see what sorts of sales volume data they see.

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Thanks Husker.. Got both of them you posted.



That's How I like to see E15..on a  Blender Pump.. Until every vehicle is coming off the lot as a FFV  and cellulosic gets up to speed.. just keep E15 on a  blender

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if "e15" is what it takes to get more "e85 pumps" built, and these are being built in high volume/traffic locations....  I'm fine with that.


I would be curious to see what the numbers for e10 vs e15 vs e30 vs e85 are...


I still think it is pretty neat that York, with <8k people has 5 stations (3 blenders) compared to Lincoln (just 45 minutes away) with 260k+ people that also has 5 stations, and only 1 blender...


There are many larger cities that have only 1-2 stations, and several that have NONE (Columbus, Schuyler, Fremont off the top of my head)...  so for York (my old stomp'n grounds) to have 5 is awfully cool.


I still think that the "York County Corn Growers Board" (yes there is such a body) should make some sort of a prize for these stations to award annually to the one that sells the most gallons of e85!  Would be great publicity and the rivalry would fuel hopefully better pricing!

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