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Recycled oil fun...

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After quite a long time saving up a 5 gallon can of oil for recycling (on 8,000+ mi oil changes) it was finally time to turn it in at the local auto parts store. 


The conversation went something like this:


[me] Hey - just dropping off some oil for recycling.

[clerk] OK


[i go peruse the isles for more oil and any gadgets I can't live without]


[clerk] OK 3 jugs of Mobil 1 and 3 filters?

[me] Yep, that should do it for today

[clerk] You know, that oil you dropped off doesn't look too bad, you could probably run it longer

[me] Well, it was already in for 9000-11000 miles, I changed it due to low TBN

[clerk - with dumbfounded look on face] 11,000 miles?!?!

[me] - yeah, I've got the car set up for E85, it loves the 105 octane and the alcohol burns cleaner than gas.

[clerk - instantly switching to negative mode] yeah, but it costs so much more than gas.

[me] Not really, I rebuilt the engine with 12.5:1 compression and added a turbo for a little 'fun'.  I actually get a little better mileage than stock and about twice the HP.  E85 is about 3.19 and premium is about $4.00 - so I save about $8-$10 on every tank.

[clerk] [Puzzled look - trying to figure out if I'm full of BS or not!]

[me] [walks out the door]


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That's a good story Corey, although too common a reaction from people. And cessna, LOL the chances of that... well...we'd have better odds with a powerball ticket! But a good thought, yep. and good sarcasm too  :)

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