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e85 Prices Report for April 2012 13.7%

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National Average Price Spread for April 2012


Average E85 Price


Average Gas Price




Barely Tolerable





April 2011  17.23%

April 2010  20.33%

April 2009  11.48%

April 2008  15.5%



E85 Prices



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I've noticed that e85 prices (here in Omaha) have dipped down to $2.99 (down 5 cents from their high), but that gas prices have plummeted to $3.53 (down 30-40 cents from their high)...


Unfortunately, as gas prices drop, gas consumption raises... so the demand for ethanol as a blending agent (e10) increases... which should cause ethanol prices to rise... >:(


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Seeing the same here..  Ethanol prices have dropped maybe a dime or so, but gas has dropped like 30 cents from what it was, and it still going down.


Yup, E85 hasn't gone down yet but Gasoline is down 30 cents here. I drove out to one of the E85 pumps and once I saw the spread, canceled my mixing plan to fill with regular grade. :(

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