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2012 Chevy Malibu Flex Fuel Vehicles

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OK Yes Chevy does have the 2012 FFV Malibu ...and YES it is "only" as  a Fleet vehicle

TECHNICALLY ..BUT I had 2 separate dealers tell me they can order them for me ..so if you want a Brand New 2012 with No Miles then call different Dealers until you find one that will order the FFV Model for you.. the 8th Character in the Vin will be " U"



If you don't care if it has a few miles and want to save Money you can find them right on the Dealers Lots BUT they will NOT have the Flex Fuel Badges..for what ever reason it appears that GM is starting to drop adding the badge on some models..



Look for the 8th Character..it will the letter "U"  as well as have the Yellow gas cap ..



I located 4 on one lot today (Luther Chevrolet in Brooklyn Center MN)..even in high end Paint jobs like the Granite Metal









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When I ordered my Taurus in 2001 all I could get was a gov't one with no cruise. That was all I wanted that it didn't come with so the dealer installed a new steering wheel that had the cruise buttons so it looked factory.

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For what it is worth....


Last night I was on-line trying to buy some brake pads for my 2011 Chevy Malibu on one of the auto part stores On-line part selectors.


It asked me if I had a 2.4 liter gasoline engine, or a 2.4 liter flex-fuel engine (*Of course, the brake pads would have to be much heavier to slow down a flex car, wouldn't it?  LOL!)


And it said --- if I wasn't sure, that 21% of 2011 Chevy Malibu's were flex-fuel engine, and 79% of Malibus were gasoline only engine.


I thought it was very interesting that the auto-parts store on-line data (I think it was Autozone) knew that.    That is the first time I ever saw any data about the number of flex-fuels vs. gas only Malibus out there for any given model year.


I think I'll go back when I get some time, and see what other model years, and other models, such similar data may be available.



Yeah that is interesting to note James..should come in handy when we need clarification on other models. 







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