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mid blend pricing

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I got some E85 in a jug to bring home for making ~E30 in the little Ford. Anyway, I did some figuring and it is cheaper to blend your own than to hit the E30 button on the blender pump. E10--$3.759, E20 $3.679, E30--$3.579, and E85--$3.049. I think the E85 is about 75% now isn't it? By the way, was coming home from the annual meeting(Bob Dineen spoke) of the Nebraska ethanol plant that is using methane from the landfill for part of their fuel. Even if California's LCFS flies, this plant will qualify as being low carbon.

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I've often wondered about mid blends... the pricing that I've seen sort of suggested that this was NOT the best option, that splash blending would be more economical...


You'd think that there would be a pretty easy little formula that you plug in the variables...

1.  gas price

2.  ethanol price

3.  ethanol percent in tank (e85/e98...)

4.  ethanol percent in high blend (e70/75/85...)

5.  what % profit margin wanted for each fuel...


then it would easily calculate the price you should post for each fuel...


Hell, give me a while and I could build a spreadsheet on excel that could do this... ;D

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