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New Blender in Aurora NE

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New blender in Aurora Nebraska!  This is located at the site of the 2 large ethanol plants to the west of town on HWY 34.  Other older non-blender is "intown" off the highway.


Aurora Cooperative (A-Stop)

2530 Harvest Drive

Aurora, NE .68818.


Blender e10, e30, e85


Also unmanned like all their other stations....  I got this news directly from the director of their energy department (Bill Gowen).  If you need to call to verify, call the number for the York location, that is the corperate home office.


This site is called "Aurora West", and is the site of 2 large ethanol plants.  They built a massive circular sidetrack for loading/unloading rail cars, and have an industrial park at the site that is starting to fill in...  Lots of jobs out there... lots of "commuters" who can now fill up on fuel made at the site!

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talk about keeping the money local....


Ethanol plant owned mostly by the farmer's coop.  Farmer's coop owns the station, and the truck that delivers the fuel.  Farmers own the coop...


Local ownership, local companies, local jobs, local profits, local success...  There is a major seed company that has located a sorting plant/wharehouse out at that industrial park...  more jobs, more tax base, and more workers who will be using the blender pump ;D

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