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Ethanol $1.02 LESS per Gallon than Gasoline -Chicago Board of Trade

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Gentlemen, it's the profit incentive. 8) Right now E85 is nothing but a niche, premium grade product and they are selling it at a premium. I don't see any profit in trumpeting the low prices right now with Ethanol prices dropping, even if they are dropping slower than they should. Too low is bad for the industry. If the high price they can sell it for doesn't bring in more E85 pumps, especially blender pumps, than there isn't much hope for E85...  >:( Maybe in a couple months when summer prices are in full effect if E85 doesn't drop accordingly.


If the price spread drops below 85% I'm going to try talking my parents into allowing me to splash blend in the "Personnel Carrier." If I had my own vehicle, I would have bought E85 today instead of regular.  :'(

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