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Is it really going to "tumble"?

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I think you missed the point. Everybody keeps talking about "stand on it's own". Until the military intervention stops, ethanol doesn't have a chance of standing on it's own whether it's E85 or E10 or anything in between. IMHO





No I didn't miss the point cessna (yes I do see what you are saying but).... Ethanol is like the whinny little kid that is always crying because billy got more candy than he did..



It just gets old listening to ethanol constantly whining.. it needs to grow the hell



They COULD have been working with the auto Industry the past 10 years to get more FFVS on the road..they COULD have been developing their own infrastructure to get high blends on the market ..but instead they chose the path to the fast buck.. Instant Volume via using ethanol as an additive

and they whine ..constant freaking whining..and outright lying (ethanol reduces the cost of gasoline 89 cents..how the hell can anyone take this Industry serious with that kind of nonsense)



Go the the RFA's website.. it's a mix of the whinny Kid and a Late night infomercial



Mommy everyone is picking on us http://www.ethanolrfa.org/pages/press-releases-2011-archive



Grow the hell up.. they are Lobby organization..as is the corn growers association..it's all about VOLUME to them..



As a CONSUMER I don't CARE about Volume ..I care  about and Alternative Fuels brought to Market (as alternatives to Gasoline..not as additive FOR gasoline) priced below Gasoline..



That's what Consumers are looking for COMPETITION.. volume comes from competition.. lower prices (foe everyone) comes from competition..



Those are not the Goals of the Lobby Organizations ..to them it's all about Market Share- Volume..nothing in their Missions to bring Ethanol to Consumers as a cost effective alternative to Gasoline 



It isn't about what Oil does or what Oil gets..



It is about What Path ethanol is going to take..continue to be the whinny little kid that needs instant gratification or is it going to grow up ..mature into a Industry that actually competes with Oil fuel against fuel.. 



Oil didn't run up the Price of Corn/Ethanol..the Ethanol Industry did via 14 billion gallons of un=necessary E10

















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Here is ethanol's biggest fear..that  the RFS is eliminated and Oil is no longer "forced"(VIA the RFS) to blend 14 billion gallons of ethanol as an additive.



You can just hear the whining going on behind closed doors.."what the hell we going to do Bob if we cant make Oil buy ethanol"



Here's a freaking idea..grow a set of brass sell your product yourself instead of demanding someone else do it for you



Use your fast Cash Additive  Profits (you have been building up cash reserves right..yeah right) and start installing Blend Pumps en-masses..hell no Dan we cant do that ..that would mean we would have to invest in our Industry.



The Ethanol Industry has never really tried to stand on it's own....maybe it is time to kick them out of the house ..they have to grow up sooner or later












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If we pulled all the military home and had chaos in the oil producing areas, I bet that would work. Who knows, maybe there wouldn't be chaos and the nationalized oil fields would just sell to the highest bidder and cellulosic ethanol would look cheap. Can hardly breath here today, the town is burning(really smokey, incomplete combustion) all the leaves and trees they piled up this fall.

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If we pulled all the military home and had chaos in the oil producing areas, I bet that would work.



Umm to do what raise the price of Oil ...



Excuse the rant cessna wasn't directed at you but at Industry in General.. what is in ANY Industries best Interest is usually not in the Consumers best interest ..Ethanol is no different..



My advocacy remains..that  as a consumer I want an (many ) alternative fuels.. alternatives to Gasoline..to get some pricing competition going.



I didn't start the E85 sites to support the ethanol Industry or corn growers association..their agendas have very little to do with ours(the E85 consumer)



I do support the Industry ..I'm just not some "loyalist" .. I'm not signing any oath to any Industry.. I see it more from a  Us (consumers)  against all Industry.. in that they want to maximize profits at just about any costs ..and as consumers we want the lowest price (and yes we as consumers can go to far as well ..at any cost)



Just compete .. bring us fuels at an affordable cost AND have Industry be profitable and keep people employed










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Well... here we are two months later..


and an update... My wife was launched from her job at the old dealer exactly a month after I posted this thread.  A number of crappy excuses were given.  She just took a job with another C-store operator.  They don't have alternative fuel sales at all..


As some of you know I work for a company that builds, services and maintains grain handling systems.  We went over 1 million bushels of capacity of new construction for this year last week.  That is more new construction than we have had in the last 4 or 5 years.

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