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Iowa E85 Quartely Sales sets Record..3.7 Million Gallons

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I love to see statistics like this.... Iowa seems to be the best at this!


Nebraska, tracks "total ethanol sales".... which is as Dan points out nearly all e10 fuel additive...  they do make a slight reference to e85, but don't keep separate statistics....  I've pointed this out to the Ne Ethanol Board, and the state department that keeps that statistic, and the response that I got was that it was not a significant enough statistic to merit the extra expense to track...


Well, when you make the decision NOT to track something... you send the impression that it is not significant... thereby limiting it's growth... ???


There is more then 1 reason why Iowa is one of the best states for ethanol and e85... 

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E85 Sales Hit New Record in Iowa

Posted by Joanna Schroeder – August 31st, 2011


Second quarter E85 (85 percent ethanol, 15 percent gasoline) sales in Iowa have hit an all-time record increasing 40 percent during the second quarter. According to the Iowa Department of Revenue, sales of E85 by Iowa retailers reached 3,697,199 from April to June of this year, setting a new record.  “Iowans continue to have more E85 fueling options – and they are taking advantage of them in record fashion,” said Iowa Renewable Fuel Association Executive Director Monte Shaw. “E85 remains a good bargain – for our pocketbook, our economy, our national security, and our environment. ...


...The Renewable Fuels Infrastructure Board is taking applications now. For an application, contact Harold Hommes, Iowa Department of Agriculture, at 515-242-6237 or harold.hommes@iowaagriculture.gov.



They have a nice picture of a Kum & Go pump!  Fitting as I'd be curious to know what % off those sales are from their stations?  Well priced fuel, in good locations....= high volume sales!  Pretty simple formula!

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