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Ford Focus FFV... in EUROPE...

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...Flexifuel model. The Ford Focus is now available with a Flexifuel model which allows customers to take advantage of E85 (85% ethanol). Ford was the first vehicle manufacturer in Europe to offer production passenger vehicles with Flexifuel technology, and the Focus Flexifuel model was launched in Sweden in 2001. A full range of Ford Flexifuel vehicles is now available across a number of different European markets.


Using a modified version of the 1.6-liter Duratec Ti-VCT gasoline engine, the new 120PS Flexifuel Focus replaces the 1.8-liter model which was available in the previous Focus range.


The engine uses a state-of-the-art control module which detects the mix of fuel being supplied,


and automatically adapts to the optimum setting for those conditions.


To suit the particular characteristics of E85 fuel, the 1.6-liter Ti-VCT engine has been modified with an upgraded fuel system and revised fuel injectors, hardened valves and valve seats, and a revised exhaust system and catalyst.


The 120PS (118 hp, 88 kW) Flexifuel engine delivers virtually identical performance figures to the conventional 125PS version, while the Flexifuel model achieves CO2 emissions of 132 g/km (running on E85 fuel) compared to 136 g/km for the 125PS engine.


An engine block heater is incorporated to support starting in severe temperatures below -10 °C.


The Ford Focus Flexifuel will enter production this summer. The largest European market will be Sweden, where sales of the Focus Flexifuel totalled more than 10,000 units from 2008—2010. The model will also be available in a wide range of markets where E85 fuel is available, including Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Spain.




looks like a small efficient commuter FFV car is a possibility... how long it takes to get EPA approval and made over here.... we'll see

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Well Husker, if you'll notice that it is a 1.6L Duratec similar to the USDM Ford Fiesta. I don't believe it will ever come here :(. The Focus has always had a 2.0L in the US so I very much doubt they will use what is basically the Fiesta engine in the US car.


Now, maybe they will use it in the Fiesta ;).

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