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What programs are you guys using?

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Nice Andy-- keep us posted on this Diablo tune. I looked into their kit but chickened out. I am still interested.

that's rune85.com for anybody wondering where the tune comes from.

car runs great, but i'm still gonna pull the plugs this weekend and i'll try post the pics here.

The oil looks fine but it is early days, back in my Funny Car days we used to used Kendal Nitro70W for our methanol burning engine, was the only oil that would not break up. Obviously 70w would be a little overkill in a street car...probably needs a good 50 HP more just to turn the motor lol a blown funny car motor typically blows loads of fuel past the zero gap rings i'm sure there is no concern on non blown street engine.


thanks Rick for posting the pics I couldn't figure out how to attach them here :)



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  I am using LS1-Edit on my 2000 5.3L Silverado.


It looks like I have to step up my fuel injectors to 43#


They are running at 100%+ with 50% Ethanol.


GM loves to match their injectors to stock output. Just as much as a cam, and you will make your injectors go static. My 3800II had 22# injectors and I maxed them on a Tune alone. I ended up with 36# injectors and am running about 65-70% duty cycle. LS1 engines have 28# injectors, so you upgraded to the correct size.


I have my tune set by HP Tuners, and I am timed for 93 octane fuel, so I can switch to gas when I need to and allows me some flexibility. This will be changing soon, as I plan on upping the timing and pulse width for 100 Octane. I have already turned off all the Emissions I can.

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