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GPI File Curiousity

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Why would I want to download both the "Arizona TourGuide File Alerts" and the "Arizona City File Alerts" GPI files together? I understand the first has a radius of 1.1 miles and the other is 1300 ft, but wouldn't both files include the same data? Why would I want two files giving me alerts simultaneously?

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Good Morning AZ



The issue is that the city File CAN ONLY  "see" a station if it it 50 feet or less from the road that you are traveling on.

If the Station is 100  feet off the road you are traveling on you will drive right by it as you wont get an alert .  (of which then it will be my fault that that is how GPS works  ;D )







So to tackle that issue with GPS is to also include a Radius file..a radius file will alert you to  any Station within a set Radius..So Now with a radius Set at 1 mile you will get not only an Alert to that Station set 100 feet off the road but also to ANY other E85 Stations within that 1 mile Radius.(at which point you can scroll through your Garmin ..find the Stations (s) and set Navigation to any of the Stations)





So you ask why not just use the Radius then..well while Radius is going to only Alert you that there is a Station within 1 mile ..the Radius will not Alert you again as you drive by the Station..



City file "sees" Stations ONLY 50 feet from the road you are Traveling on..so you wont get that 1,300 Foot alert IF the Station is 100 feet off the road .. Radius is included so you can not only catch those Stations 100 feet off the road but alert you to other E85 Stations inside that 1 mile circle.




Feel free to test AZ..generally both files are best ..but maybe where you are you can get by with just radius or just City.. City7 = straight line ..TourGuide = Radius



One thing you dont want  to do is rename the files.."TourGuide" is a Garmin "keyword that gives instructions for the file to look for radius distances in the file



Yes the data sets are the same ..



Hope that makes sense











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