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Minnesota E85 Stations for Garmin GPS

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The Attached Files contain all the E85 Stations in Minnesota that includes Vocal Alert when approaching an  E85 Station.

1. The Minnesota TourGuide  File Alerts on all E85 Stations in a 1 mile Radius of your location

2. The Minnesota onroad File Alerts at 1,300 Feet of a E85 Stations that is no farther than 50 feet off the road you are traveling (That is why you download BOTH Files)



These are "Ready to Go no fuss Files" files...you need to do nothing more than copy and paste

Download Both Files.. and then simply Copy and Paste to either a SD Card that plugs into your Garmin or copy/paste directly to either your Garmins POI or Extras" folder.



I will Prepare Files for Every State .. If you would like your State sooner than later let me know and I will work on them in the order of requests.. The7 will be updated every few months

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Hi Dan,


So, were the other files national files?


I would think two states would make more sense than 52 for performance reasons.



Yeah those  previous files were the entire US..I am actually surprised performance was so good..we're fine at 2,700 stations ..but yeah performance will take a hit as Station count grows so starting to work on the State files now... I'll try and get most of them done on Sunday..



North Dakota












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