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High mileage

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The national X-Prize mpg competition, a few months back, that gained so much media attention. I should say gained media attention as mostly consumers want non technical emotional. As we know the winner of that competition burned E-85. His winning strategy of light frame vehicle, avoiding battery power penalty of weight and complexity, and maximizing E85 fuel advantages. Well, appears half of that formula already in production. Was reading Dan’s post on purchase of Chevy Malibu high mpg car. Meanwhile the local news report on Grand Rapid Devos expo show of outdoor equipment. Golf carts technology. :)  They've come a long way, not like your Grandmothers i.e. street legal.


They featured a battery powered, four passenger, and street legal, 4x4, with optional side curtains. Good for roads posted 35 mph. Nothing really new as they have been popular within Florida retirement communities for some time. After first seeing this alternative use of golf cart use, just a couple years ago PBS had futuristic entertainment show of intelligent path to sustainability. You know the magic of light rail, for instance. They wore out the film, back a couple years. The show had brief clip on these Utility Vehicles in retirement communities. Now, planned communities is great marketing and does attract business from people all in same boat. Just this PBS show hyped it up as everyone currently is unaware of such grand schemes. They twist it to “discovery”. My foot as dear mother used to say. Retirement communities had this figured out for decades. LOL, a way back story. Met an extremely interesting retiree whom dedicated to trains. His hobby those small sit on trains. For those of you whom know Turkeyville fame Mich. History, this guy owned and operated the train for $1/passenger.This couple had sold the home and now live in very nice motor home, pulling a trailer full of trainware. Most of the year down in Florida pulling retirees around community for transportation; well that’s a stretch. This was a true steam locomotive as the guy was retired machinist. Wonder if insurance and regulators ever caught up to him?


These UVs are expensive toys, but cheap transportation if fitting your needs. The news show mentioned 15 billion miles driven annually in U.S and while a small portion for short trips….lots of small trips within the 5-7 mile one way range. Cost of energy not worth calculating. You could power the golf cart with beetle juice….still inexpensive.


What a hot zone for E85? But, maybe not as these carts have little cost of energy, so they plug in. Still, lots of retired folks love new ideas, if not to expensive. For them and those looking for true utility such as hunters and farmers maybe attach some directions and still like what 455 posted once. One with plastic parts. The retirees bored anyways. Give them something to impress the peer group with. They are very in tune to that energy.


UV must have zeroed in the retirement group, as primary market. They focus advertising on sports or farm use to establish an image. Don’t think much excitement could be built upon film of Martha trying to get into the U.V.. Funny, the local dealers will vocalize the merit of riding from street to golf course without getting out. But maybe hunters interested in that?

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