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Motion for a Tuner shop forum + other improvements!

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What say ye? A special sub-forum for mom+pop and tuner shops doing E85 conversions and tuning. The gadget section has it's little 15 minutes of fame. I think local shops should have more of a helping hand.




-Albuquerqueqautotech.com in New Mexico is doing tuning.


-http://www.gellingsautoservice.com/info.htm in South Dakota is doing tuning. It's an American mom + pop firm.


-A few Subaru and Honda tuners are also around.


I really think they need a push. Folks are going to have to be in the know about this stuff in shops out of necessity, I believe. "There's more than one way to skin a cat." There's on-demand fuel mixing systems available. There's secondary injector controls, programmable ecm's, stock reflashes, add-on controls, carburetor parts (I've worked with EFI for 12 years...carbs still confuse me.) Some stuff looks like it came out of a booster rocket, other stuff a shop mechanic can already order out of a catalog for cheap. Where E85 crops up as a fuel source, shops should have more knowledge of how to work with it, IMO. Where there's just one ethanol pump and car shops close to it, there's always one that's at least playing with this stuff. Being a competitive marketplace like America is, the race is already on to get there. I've talked to plenty of shops, and there's a great deal of inexperience, arrogance, high expectations, and stubbornness out there. There's also plenty of creativity, innovation, curiousity, and even happy accidents! Despite what happens on the internet, life happens first and is most important.


The wide variety of personalities I've met in the car market are all dealing with this differently on the shop floor. The ones who want to develop the market also aren't given a fair say, IMO. Bad news dominates the news, and I refuse to believe "we're doomed and life sucks." Experimentation and (demanding) physical work takes place in the real world. The communication of those results can happen a lot faster on the internet. Sure, there's flame wars and magnified mistakes, but that's not everything that you can do with a forum. The market for E85 will look totally different a year or two years from now. We're in the beginnings of the largest push ever to find different fuel sources. Nothing occurs in the multiples of billions on accident. Why restrict any of that? It's a new way to better ourselves.


Other suggestions:


-Video footage of folks running ethanol. Host them on youtube.

-Highlighted vehicles. (I opened an alternative fuel group on Carster. http://alternativefueltuners.carster.com/)

-Highlighted shops to compliment the parts section.

-Highlighted products with in-depth articles and thorough tests by third parties. This covers simple fuel lines to filters and computers.

-Highlighted local co-ops of ethanol production (I stink when it comes to politicking).


I think that's enough for now. The mic's open...

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Sounds like a great idea.  One stop shopping for those interested in data and

real world experiences with ethanol and engine tuning .  My own interest is in

turbocharging and it's effect on fuel economy and power ( with e85 or higher).


Are any of the shops or M&P contacts actually collecting data( MP, EGT,etc) ??

I talked to some locals here recently that have access to a dyno. 'Seems it's open

to the public($$).  I plan to take them up on the offer once I have a test plan together.

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Hey GT. Thanks for posting over at HAI. I decided to sign up over here and lend a hand. We are now experimenting with both of our shop cars and one customer car (full race setup) on E-85. Hondata gives up the power to tune them fully and get good datalogs for raw numbers. Currently we are doing a full month study on the gas mileage and power, soon we will be switching over to E-85 for the same comparisons. I ma sure we will be posting up here shortly with a reveiw and parts list required for a Honda conversion. One of the new things I am exited about from Hondata is the new software and pricing which will make this conversion for your average daily driver affordable.

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