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Politics at EPA

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An interesting read- even if it is in the NY Times;




For all the grief EPA has given the ethanol conversion kit business (and vehicle testing delays for mid-blends) -- it appears that politics is affecting it's work in the oil /gas business (any suprise here?). Interesting that they look at each part of the gas extraction separate so as to keep levels low, yet most industry they will include other buildings/ processes off-site as part of the total (Ie- our plant's emissions have to be added to the DDG dryer 6 miles away). The reason the gas people want this is obvious. Recently EPA found that raw natural gas is seeping from other areas such as extraction wells, injection wells, and other areas into the atmosphere. Granted- we need some balance in the EPA so that business can operate AND the more extreme side of the regulators are balanced (there is always an extreme element within most govt reg agencies- sort of a regulator gone wild type) but come on - lets be fair with all industry and still protect the public rather than favor the most powerful ones (oil, gas, chemical).

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