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E85 Prices from MFA OIL ..all Priced well

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David P  from MFA OIL  sent us this list (much appreciated)


"1.659","11/13/06","Moberly","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, Hwy 24 East

"1.679","11/13/06","Macon","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 1805 North Missouri

"1.619","11/13/06","Bernie","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 4740 State Hwy 25

"1.629","11/13/06","Dexter","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 20 East North Main

"1.729","11/13/06","Trenton","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 1845 E. 9th Street

"1.669","11/13/06","Centerville","Iowa","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, South 18th Street

"1.629","11/13/06","Nevada","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 501 N. Centennial

"1.699","11/13/06","Rolla","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 602 East 18th Street

"1.659","11/14/06","Bucklin","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 34886 Hwy

"1.639","11/14/06","Charleston","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 200 Beasley Park Road

"1.699","11/14/06","Centralia","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 803 N Hwy 151

"1.759","11/14/06","Mexico","Missouri","MFA Oil Petro-Card 24, 1808 East Liberty



Yor're traveling through or live in Missori these guys generally offer the best E85 prices around


I believe they own and supply the BreakTime stations as well as the Petro Card pumps.. I stopped at 3 BreakTimes suplied by MFA Oil (as well as a few Petro Card) on my trip through Missouri this past summer. Hopefully David can stop by and clarify that

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