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Blender Pump and E15 Defunding Bill Up for Vote Today

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#377 -- Prohibits USDA funds from being used for construction of ethanol blender pump or storage facilities




Keep in Mind the USDA funds is in relation to Agriculture Sec Vilsak saying he had the funds to get 5000 new blender/E85 pumps installed



Not that any of this matters as it all has to go through the Senate and Obama .. and Obama will Veto it anyways..


As Far as E15..personally I could care less.. E15 does nothing but drive up the cost of corn and ethanol..the speculation alone on E15 drove corn up another $1 or so..let alone any real demand..there is no real demand for E15..but i don't want to see 2 years from now (forced) E15 at every pump and driving the cost of ethanol even higher.To Fast of Volume is far worse than slowly introducing E15 through Blenders only first.


If E15 (as a essentially forced additive ) was Blocked we would see the speculators RUNNING form corn and the price would fall ..Good For consumers



I would personally like to See Blender Funding continue.. and E15 (as a forced additive) put on "Hold"  ..Until we are getting 2-4 billion gallons a year from cellulosic..again because I am a consumer advocate ..not a corn growers advocate.. I support corn growers but not at the expensive of the consumer



OR ..OR E15 continues and drop the Sugar Tariff..the single biggest issue right now (IMO)  is that the corn growers have no competition..until more feedstocks come on line I am not for expanding high volume ADDITIVE Blends..


Bring the Blenders on line you can still have E15..as well as E20,E30,....E85.. It's all about consumer choice not cramming more ethanol "additive" blends on people


The Blenders and FFV's are the key..not "E15"


I would deal with the Right..you can have E15..I get Blender funding to continue








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thanks Outlaw!


Looks like ALL 3 house representative (all 3 GOP) from Nebraska voted NO on this.





so did my rep vote NOT to kill the blender pump funding... :confused:


I'm confused... :-[



I think that  Bill was just on E15 (I believe the Blenders is a separate amendment.. and Yes that means your GOP  Representatives Voted AGAINST the Bill ..in other words FOR E15



Almost All Midwest Representatives voted against the Bill because they are voting FOR their local Industry...corn



Personally E15 means nothing to be other than it raises the price of ethanol..E15 is not an alternative fuel just another additive blend..The Ethanol Industry can offer E15 TODAY ..simply by installing blenders pumps..they don't want that they want E15 as another "main" fuel..like E10..they would rather see E15 as the Main fuel than install High Blend Ethanol because E15 as  a"Main" fuel means VOLUME..means more $$$$ to them..and higher pumps prices as corn prices increase..more volume mean more demand means more speculation ..higher prices



Let me ask you a question..do you drive up to the pump looking for E15 or E85?



Again..the only thing this amendment would  do is stop E15 from being used in non FFVs .. It does NOT mean that E15 would be killed off..it simply means E15 would not be  a "base" fuel like E10..    E15 can still go on Blender Pumps and ANYONE even NOn FFVs would still use it if they wanted to ..the same way non FFVs use E20 a  blender









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So I would ask that you ask your representatives to consider working on a deal where E15 is put on "Hold"  in exchange for Blending Funding .(Both Sides get to claim victory AND the consumer will see lower ethanol prices)



Look If the Blenders are available and the Auto Industry continues with their FFV pledge...then in 5 years we will have a tens of thousands of E85/Blender pumps..and 5-6 years we have 30%+ of the Nations Fleet already  FFV .. and billions of gallons of cellulosic ethanol as well as 15 billion corn ..THEN start increasing the base fuel.. E12 in 5 years ..E15 in 7years .. E20 in 10 years





High Blends bring stability in feedstock and ethanol prices and lower consumer prices.. additive blends bring high volume (to fast)and increase feedstock/ethanol prices..high consumer prices







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I agree that that focus and prize should be on blender pumps 8) I still believe however that a depressed ethanol market will delay gen 2 and 3 ethanol such as waste to ethanol or cellulosic because they still do not have costs down low enough to entice investors into it- knowing they will have a limited market and low selling price. I see far more activity and discussion about drop in fuels right now due to this. Perhaps in the long term this will cause a revision of the RFS downward on ethanol and end up being only corn to ethanol in E85 and none is gas but if the price gets too low we will see ethanol plants going off into chemical production or other alcohols such as butanol etc. :confused:


I also agree that customer choice (of level of alcohol) is best but do not be fooled into thinking that as E85 grows that it will be free of attacks by all the current anti groups other than automakers. ::)

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I also agree that customer choice (of level of alcohol) is best but do not be fooled into thinking that as E85 grows that it will be free of attacks by all the current anti groups other than automakers. ::)



Their anti E85 efforts wont ring with most consumers because E85 is a Choice..not a mandated fuel like the additive blends are..



No one is going to be saying E85 ruins Boat engines, Lawnmowers and Weed eaters..or their classic car.. like they do with E10,E15..because "everyone" already knows you don't use E85 in those types of engines .



They wont be saying E85 makes your fuel/food cost go up because there is no Volume .. even in 5 years not enough volume.. we can go from a hundred million gallons of E85 today to 1.5 billion gallons and it wont affect grain prices..unlike additive blends..where we go from 1 billion 7 years ago to 13.2 billion today..and once the "official" E15 roll-out starts will need another 3-6 billion gallons..the speculation alone in E15 contributed to a rise in corn/ethanol prices just wait until the actual production/usage starts.



I considered the cellulosic angle as well (if E15 were halted as a base fuel) .. don't see an issue at all because demand for ethanol will still grow anyways for the remainder of gasoline market not yet E10 as well as ..once Ethanol hits the blend wall they really have no choice but to start building out High Blends....nice steady growth that attracts stable feedstock and ethanol prices as well as long term investors instead of the speculators/traders.



Again looking at it from a consumer perspective.. looking for an ALTERNATIVE fuel that competes with Gasoline..a Choice not a mandate..I'd rather see every single City and Town in the United States have at least 1 E85 Pump than have every vehicle running on E15





Just trying to look at the entire picture .where everyone (grain, ethanol producers, livestock/poultry/milk producers , consumers and taxpayers) gets a good deal instead a select few. 



High Volume additive blends simply pushes up the prices for everyone and doing very few any real good ..E10 is fine but until we get more / a wider variety of feedstocks I see no real advantage of bringing E15  to market as a Base Fuel..  especially considering E15 can already be brought to Market simply by putting in Blender Pumps which does more good for the Industry long term anyways.





Now on the other side ..If I am a corn grower..ethanol producer..hell yeah I want Volume and I want it NOW !  ;D



















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so is the stopping of the blender pump funding bit NOT included?  I thought they (stopping e15 & blender pumps) were together? :confused:



Morning Husker..as cessna was pointing out..there are 2 provisions..1 for e15 and another for blender pumps inserted by  a Arizona rep





Neither will make it through as it has to go through the Democatic majority Senate and Obama .. But ..BUT if they reach a point to where they need to make deals..to move the entire bill forward..and they will as it is how th ePolitical game is played.. I am suggesting Give the radical tax cutters E15 .....(let them claim victory on cancelling out E15 for use in every vehicle from 2001 & Up that the EPA just approved )  in Exchange for allowing the Vilsak and the USDA to fund Blender Pumps..



It is my opinion that Blender Pumps are far more valuable than e15 (in 2001 and newer vehicles)



With Blenders you can STILL offer E15 ..as well as any blend up-to E85.. Blender pumps are key to getting higher blend volumes and higher blends need FFVs' so that assures that the Auto Industry will abide by their pledges of 50% FFV production 2012..80% by 2015





E15 is for the Corn growers and Ethanol producers (high volume).. E85 / Blenders are for the consumers  thats how I look at it



Again ask yourself when you pull into your local Station are you looking for the E15 pump or the E85 pump?



E15 goes away that means the price of corn falls over night..meaning lower ethanol prices ..meaning lower prices at the pump





This time you are a Corn speculator..what are you going to do with your corn holdings when Congress disallows E15 corn ethanol in 2001 & newer vehicles..you are selling your corn as will every other speculator and all that selling causes the price to drop.. Good news for consumers at the pumps.. not so great news if you are a corn grower because their profit margin falls ..which is why they pay for membership into the groups like the  RFA to Lobby for them... every Industry does this ..nothing wrong , nothing evil..its business.



My lobby is for Higher Ethanol Blends because I believe they offer consumers a more direct path to Choice.. It's an alternative fuel not an additive , it isnt forced on anyone (so hard for people to get all bent out of shape..oh E85 killed my lawnmower type nonsense)...the growth rate (Volume) is slower so corn/grain prices will remain stable(not 1 corn speculator cares one Iota about E85 because there isnt enough volume..the growth is slow and stable ) ..Cattle/Poultry same reason have no issue with high blends because the volume dosent effect grain prices. ..etc..



We can multiply our E85 use by 10 and .10 Times as much as we use today and it would just use 1.5 billion gallons..  think about that..we can grow the E85 market by 10 and barely make a dent in grain..



We can have 20,000 E85 Pumps and be using under 2 billion gallons a year.. and no one can say one damn thing about E85 affecting the price of anything...That's allowing CHOICE to tens of million without "bothering" anyone..and the Image of ethanol would be entirely different .. 



E15 ?  Who cares?











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I think in the greater scheme of things, these to items-  E15 and blender pumps, are minor things compared with what else the republicans are killing off, and , in my opinion, are both most likely going to pass now.


I also believe that ethanol subsidies of any kind are gone after this year.  You should plan on it.


No more 45 cent a gallon subsidy, and no more ethanol import tariff, after this year.  It's done.

I hope you are wrong but I'm afraid that I agree with you.

P.S. I haven't heard the word ethanol once watching the Daytona 500 but I did hear "man, these cars are fast".

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