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Green Nuclear

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This technology will have big impact on energy production and consumption. A new generation nuclear power NGNP soon to hit the international streets, 8-10 years out. Generation IV nuclear power plant will run hotter up from 300C to 1,000C and the heat output to utilized for industrial processes. Besides electricity production these power plants will produce tremendous supplies of thermal energy. Industrial applications interested in tapping this low cost heat supply:


1. Hydrogen production, currently a NG process requiring 7% of total

– One half the hydrogen used for nitrogen fertilizer

– One half used to sweeten crude oil


2. U.S. has tremendous crude oil locked in rock strata, nuclear heat will set it free


3. Unattractive coal can be processed cleanly to transportation fuel


The old hot water reactors had achieved a fuel burn of 3-4%. NGNP achieves 13% or three times the energy. Also, the nuclear activity is lower than input fuel. Meaning the nuclear reactor a nuclear waste processor.


This technology will not displace other energy producers. Basically, it will supplement energy supplies for lower cost processing. Meaning ethanol producers will enjoy lower cost electricity than normal and may utilize low cost process heat.





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Would think the typical Industrial Park may be constructed around a nuclear generator whereupon the close proximity will benefit efficient use of power and heat. While the post didn't mention physical plant capacity or size, I do know Mitsubishi has invested heavy in small scale nuclear.  These gen IV plants may be small.


Ethanol may be able to utilize this heat energy, at least the bottoming cycle lower tempt leftovers. Distillation still the major energy hog. The ethanol gasification technologies should benefit, especially those garbage to ethanol processes.


Coal incineration processes probably lose favor per environmental constraints/costs being replaced by clean coal gasification and conversion to butanol fuel, plastics, chemicals, etc. Nuclear plant close to coal mine supplying metro areas electricity and coal industry low cost heat. 


Fuel supply may revert to tri-mix where alcohol portion free to increase. Interesting to think bio-fuel, coal fuel, and petrol fuel mix.

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