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Vinod K. thoughts on various processes for liquid fuel production

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Clear as mud. Not much visibility to see pull ahead winner as competitors keeping cards close to vest. Information per the grape vine. Lots of challenges and strategies to survive short term. It appears starch ethanol will migrate or give way to cellulose rain fed crops and wood waste and forest waste definitely in the mix. Appears alternative fuel supply technology will be as diverse as feedstock availability. Custom application based on local criteria of feedstock. Financial success, will depend on meeting the challenge of solving hundreds of small problems, cost effectively. No grand wholesale mega investments, just lean companies forging business deals with co-parters or buying up bankrupted corn ethanol plants for cost effective transition. Ethanol processes will become specific to sector i.e. sugar cane, farm, wood, coal. May the process technology be sold to engineering plant contractors that develop expertise in a particular conversion?


Makes me think corn starch processors will be forging deals and consolidating resources to establish transition technology and pool talent/resources. Better put all those heads together and pull farm ethanol continually to the forefront. Probably, hybrid process, and ethanol itself may give way to competitor. It's still the alternative fuel wild west. 

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