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Was reading some Jeep posts of owners inquiring the danger of E-85 fuel. “Laugh”, guess you risk blowing up vehicle per the fuel pump and destroying engine with the old OBD-1 vehicles.


One of my vehicles a GM 3.1L OBD-1 with rebuilt engine. Beginning to think this the ideal E85 vehicle. Mileage seldom drops below 10% of unleaded. Three plus years of comparing the two fuels, in summer the vehicle is mostly E85 and winter alternating between unleaded and E85. My average mpg 93% of unleaded. Engine probably now has 150k miles, very strong. Exhaust and spark plugs clean as a whistle. Never suffered a gas line, fuel pump, fuel filter, or what ever failure and can detect no unusual deterioration or destruction of parts. This experience makes me think ethanol can run in lean condition and not destroy engine. I remember reading of ICE R&D efforts to run engines upon lean burn. One recent effort, to utilize ethanol within a small chamber of extremely hot EGR gases. This hot mix utilized for engine ignition. The benefit of this approach, excellent ignition and combustion of fuel with ability to operate within the lean burn. Maybe lean burn is o.k. within pollution control.


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