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Marine fuel

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Was reading facebook info from Marina's posting of E10 information. Didn't know ethanol was so dangerous. They post of Mariana business is going crazy with boat owners worried of ethanol damage. Sure enough mechanics routinely find damage in just about every boat. That was close....can't be to careful. Don't want to be stranded out to sea or destroy your engine. Come back next year and we'll inspect some more. They post like it's their heavy burden to fix all the problems. Wonder if they bill customers? 


Funny a marine solution to bad fuel used to be the following product. They appear to have many testimonies and recommendations.  $14.99 per what appears an 32 oz bottle. They still sell the stuff.


-start foreshorten sales pitch-


What are the benefits of Dxx Lxx Ethanol Fuels?

Cleans fuel injectors and carburetors, Boosts octane up to 9 points, Removes water from tank , Oxygenates fuel, Removes gums and varnishes form fuel system, Reduces emissions, Increases fuel mileage, 100% biodegradable, Eliminates engine knocking


Dxx Lxx Ethanol Fuels is engineered to address all the fuel-related problems that appear in marine applications. The United States Coast Guard says that over 60% of their dead engine calls are directly related to fuel problems, mainly moisture contamination. According to the Federal government, modern fuel deteriorates in 30 days or less, leaving you with gums, varnishes, and dead fuel.


Dxx Lxx Ethanol Fuels is designed to chemically suspend and absorb water and carry the water into the combustion chamber where it is vaporized. Our unique formula eliminates all water related problems.




The bottle is not E100 it's E10. So my thought how much better to fill up the whole tank with this stuff? It would be expensive but sounds like an excellent fuel?


Lol, very convincing to charge consumers a cost premium (cheap = bad) with testimony and test reports improving engine. So, if ethanol would have been regulated to blend unleaded to premium marine grade with extra cost of such a superior fuel, ethanol would heralded as a marine fuel.


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The same probably with blended fuel. If ethanol pitched as more costly mid and premium grade fuel with display of octane rating. Ethanol would have bathed in limelight of sales promotions image.  Petrol companies very aggressive to fight regs that would improve image of ethanol. It would be o.k. with them to gradually deflate the hype of ethanol per one cast stone at a time. IMHO, they made sure ethanol did not improve image, most of it with tax law and regs. What does the average consumer know about ethanol? Capabilities of  production, return on energy, environmental impact, food threat, water contamination, low mileage, tax drain, etc.. It seems the strong points of the fuel were flipped and used to impugn.   


Here in Michigan no labeling laws to display ethanol content. Most citizens unaware of ethanol in fuel blend. Not much of an outbreak of problems, especially the old problems of fuel gums, varnishes, water in fuel, and injector plugging.

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