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Paradigm Shift

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Reading the tea leaves, some views of what may be an increasingly popular fuel. Today the news of Western states forming an alliance for bio-jet fuel production. Also,  much publicity of DOD forming an alliance with commercial aviation. They're also, trying to rope in marine.  DOD is very interested in making it happen. 


One such news event-


July 15, 2010


The Defense Logistics Agency’s Defense Energy Support Center and Air Transport Association of America, Inc., signed a strategic alliance agreement today in Washington, D.C., recognizing a partnership for the development and deployment of alternative aviation fuels.


“The airline industry and DoD collectively require more than 1.5 million barrels of jet fuel per day,”


We know the cellulosic processes of algae, Fisher Tropsch, and Purdue's thermal process adding hydrogen (Outlaw  Solar Energy to Biofuels) are all processes that make synthetic oil. These processes about to get big financial assistance.


Aircraft do not like ethanol per the low btu content nor the the heavy engine construction. Besides to expensive to change the current fleet.


Consider the transportation cost of cellulose and tonnage required to make fuel. The Purdue process is one that suggest to convert the biomass on the farm before transport. May transport be a Achilles Heal of cellulosic ethanol? Now, Poet's dual energy feedstock plan may help cellulose? Farm scale cellulose if viable would definitely.


Consider the ECCO diesel may inflict another paradigm shift. The engine has the potential to penetrate unleaded and battery car markets, let alone  trucks. Eurocopter, the world’s largest helicopter manufacture interested.  China part supplier committed $18 for engineering. The engine does make it possible to use high btu bio fuel with a lighter lower cost engine even as compared to typical unleaded engine.


Lots of cellulose may be absorbed within biodiesel and jet fuel? May the future be blender pumps dispensing custom mixes of diesel/biofuel and unleaded/ethanol? Straight fuel lineup even E85 a thing of past?

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