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Clean injectors

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Shell has the power "V" formulated unleaded. You know with the most advanced cleaners to keep your engine running clean. A formula to keep fuel injectors running properly.


Ethanol can plug injectors and cause great harm.


There is truth in these advertising promotions, just as with most advertising the total reality a different story. Picked up this post from a real estate site. "Today I worked on a riding lawnmower that was stored with gasoline in the tank for 5 years. The carb float bowl contained about a tablespoon of stuff that looked like brown sugar. A quick dunk in denatured alcohol dissolved the crud instantly. Alcohol works faster than carb cleaner to dissolve the sludge."


So, ethanol is a potent cleaner of petro deposits. Wouldn't this fuel put "V" power fuel to shame?  Wouldn't E10 clean an engine better and at the same time reduce emissions and cost all the while increasing octane. This should be a super fuel.  If Shell were truly formulating a better fuel their advertising would promote E10, but that would promote a competitor's product.


Business strategy would exploit ethanol per easy government money all the while stabbing them in back. IOW's formulate ethanol with inferior petrol to maximize the mileage drop....then offer "V" petrol to the rescue. Take the easy government money and dis ethanol.  Hopefully, keep the engine technology pure petrol, again dissing the competition. Keep the competition reliant upon infrastructure of petrol IOWs beggars. 


Consider the power of blender pumps......a total game changer for ethanol market strategy. Do we need to fuss about blends and whether ethanol just a blending agent or independent fuel...no. Does the consumer have a choice....absolutely.  Puts the decision power within hands of consumer.


This post troublesome..... "remember, alcohol is a big problem on gaskets"


What? Nothing per my experience suggest the gasket suffers. Why would a gasket corrode? Gasket sealing a product of tension and stiffness of supporting metals....so unless the metals disintegrate would think the gasket o.k.

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