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Anti GMO movement

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I keep up to date with health studies and nutrition. We are upon a golden age of disease prevention. This information and life style adjustment worth more than free gov't care after your sick. We should have followed Huckabee's lead in focusing nation to disease prevention. Low cost and maximum benefit. Can't believe what passes as school lunch. Healthy children a better national resource than swinging the priority to non compete low quality care upon weak citizens stricken with sickness.


But, did you ever read all the anti GMO information. Wow, their is a movement afloat. I first ran into this with pyramid scheme salesmen hawking Canadian meat. One of the leading health sites had review of GMO corn. Not good. Some very convincing studies and fear mongering. Citizens fully convince commercial food is making them sick.


Lots of evidence sprouting that organic food is several magnitudes healthier. Not that most wouldn't get a big bump in health by merely shopping the outer areas of food market. That is the first huge step. Cook your own food.


HMO a great development for corn ethanol and my guess the ddg will continue to be promoted as a very health animal feed even if upon gmo grains. But, food grade corn may be forced to non GMO per growing desire of consumer wants.  May the grain industry get ahead of the curve on this?Thus, avoiding wholesale condemnation of corn food products? In other words promote some corn sales as non gmo?


My personal choice would be grass fed beef and non GMO corn food products. This my growing information choice.

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Ya, gardening, shopping the outer aisles, and home cooking will keep you healthy.


National news last week had results of health study comparing organic and grocery store produce with children health. It was surprising to statistically find a correlation with ADHD. This was the only indicator they ever found for this disease of children. Remember parents were blaming mercury within children shots? The disease is gaining in numbers, but this maybe because a popular diagnosis? Many trials to determine if children's vaccines the culprit. They never found any correlation.


Children in the group who consumed only organic produce typically had 6x the serum blood levels of anti-oxidant and the phenols. These chemicals improve disease fighting and general health.


They do not know why? One theory, the commercial raised plants sprayed with chemicals that make the plant grow good. The plant gets lazy and produces no internal chemicals to do the same job. Antioxidants and phenols often appear in higher concentrations upon weak plants fighting to survive.


The Pinot Noir grape is a weak and easily attacked by nature. The wine has multitudes more antioxidants and phenols.


Later generations of rats whom all generations fed GMO corn have decreased  health and lower reproductivity as compared to the control group. Rats more often than not if given two food groups to chose from...will pick the regular corn.


Anyways, we need to understand changes in our environment often effect long term health. Modern health studies does not assume any of the common wisdom we once thought correct as they have found  long held assumptions to be wrong.

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We are upon a golden age of disease prevention.


It may be just terminology, but I think we are more at a 'tipping point'.  It seems as though the over prescription of antibiotics means you hear of a new strain of bug becoming antibiotic resistant every couple of months.    I caught a story just a couple days ago, mother went into the hospital to deliver a baby and woke up from a coma 30 days later with no arms and no legs.  Turns out she picked up an antibiotic resistant staph infection and they had to amputate to save her life. 



I also believe GM food is starting a race we may not be prepared to run.  Already,  we have round-up resistant corn which has led to rampant spraying of the herbicide, and suddenly round-up resistant weeds are emerging...now we need a whole new herbicide and herbicide resistant crop, then in another few decades, we'll have weeds resistant to that herbicide.  That is to say nothing of how tweaking a few genes affects the crop and how it is processed by the human body.


That is one thing which has always amazed me with chemistry...small changes can have very big effects.  ie - CO2 = carbon dioxide, soda pop fizz, relatively harmless gas, etc.  Take away one single oxygen atom and you have CO, carbon monoxide a deadly gas even at a few hundred ppm.  Or look at table salt:  chlorine, a deadly, corrosive gas combined with sodium, a highly reactive metal which burns on contact with water, makes something we sprinkle on all kinds of food.  Imagine what we could generate with a few tweaks of the genetic code.

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