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Guest colchiro

Who wants an easy 10% increase in mileage?

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Guest colchiro

I'm testing the waters to see if there's interest in a mod that should improve your E85 mileage at least 10%.


Some of you may be aware of EToM's "lean cruise" technology where they tweak the o2 sensor output... "Our test vehicles average 3-6% less fuel economy on e85 versus gasoline." link What if you already have a conversion or larger injectors and don't want to spend another $300-400 for a new conversion?


Three few of us have been testing to see what kind of results can be achieved by tweaking the O2 sensor while running E85. One is using EToM's unit, the rest of us were using an efie from FuelSaver-mpg.org.


How does it work? The efie tweaks the o2 sensor signal, telling the ecu it's a little too rich, and it leans the mixture. An adjustment on the efie determines how much adjustment to make. The narrow band version is connected in series with each pre-cat O2. The wide band version just needs one wire to each pre-cat O2, with no cutting necessary. Units are $70-100, depending on the version.


Here's the deluxe digital narrow band version:




... and here's the wide band version:




FWIW, you may find other brands of NB efie's out there, but I doubt you'll find better tech support than what Mike provides. Also he's one of the few sources for an efie if you have a wide band O2. I've assisted in support in his forum so I'm familiar with most of his units.


The vehicle I'm using for testing has averaged 10% (with all the good and bad tunes) with most of the mileage on the highway. If I stick to just the recent fills, the number is closer to 15%, but we all know the subconscious likes to win when you're checking your mileage so I'm sticking with the safe claim of 10%.


Here's more info on FuelSaver's products. link

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