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WOW! 745hp,503tq RSX on E85 w stock sleeves!

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well today i redynoed .car previously made 670hp on 30 psi on a quick tune i did since swapping the setup into the ek and switching to e-85.car has ran a best of 10.05@149 like this weighing 2550lbs.put it back on today fixed some things on the tune that i didnt get to do last time and made 727hp,484 torque on 30 psi.well ended going up to 32psi made 745hp,503 torque!!i stopped there,i am taking it to the track on weds. to get my 9 sec license so hopefully this should help it go 9s.heres a quick run down of the setup:


k20a2 block,STOCK SLEEVES 20' over

je pistons 9-1

eagle rods

k20a2 stock ported head,ips kt-1 cams,fererra dual springs,afi intake manifold

pte 1600cc injectors,weldon pump

td autowerkes sidewinder divided manifold,gt4094r,1.06 back housing

cc twin disc

ppg synchro set 1-4

k-pro,tuned by me



Spelling and punctuation aren't his strong points, but sure seems like the guy can tune an engine!



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Incredible build. :o

Yeah, I'd say the guy can tune!


Did you notice that he said the car made more power and the turbo spooled more quickly with E85 than it did with C16?  Awesome.


He's parting-out that build, so I wonder what's next?  1000hp from a turbo Honda on E85?

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