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Do you want Product Sales on the Forum or Not

What to do aboit Product Sales on Forum ?  

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  1. 1. What to do aboit Product Sales on Forum ?

    • It's OK- do nothing
    • Move all Sales to Advertising/Promotions
    • Set up a Sales Only Thread
    • Set Up a E85 Classifieds

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In some forums, if the product is on-topic (e85 product in e85 forum), it's ok for that behavior so only something like Viagra gets zapped.


That's part of what I think needs zapped ...there is no reason to promote a product by offering a link..on topic or not  It doesn't offer any value to the discussion and encourages Dealer/Affiliates to "get their link in" 


Everyone knows how to use Google..


Simply posting I used this product and it worked for me is fine ...not allowing the promotional links for all products stops affiliates/dealers right in there tracks


Viagra stuffs is obvious blatant nonsense ...the other stuff is/can be hidden product sales ..like try this product I got 3 mpg better than I was before


We actually provide an area for promotional Advertising..I dont think it's asking to much for people to use that area


Members can also use their Signature to Promote their products or products they like



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direct selling like here is my stuff and buy it here link - make it a separate forum but if a person is thinking to use a product proven to be made extremely poorly then directing the person to a better quality brand should be ok in any forum that post happened to be in

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