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Turbo Honda E85 Dyno Graphs

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Just thought I would share what kind of power the Honda world has been making on E85, including myself.


Here are some E85 Fueled DOHC VTEC Dyno sheets


1.8L B16  T3/T67 Stg5






My best friends graph

85x89mm T67 Stg5


14 and 22psi  (pulls up to the track, bolts on slicks and clicks off 10.7-10.8 142mph all day, never switches fuel)


width=500 height=274http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/595whpE85integra.jpg[/img]


My graph

1.8L T67 HO


15 creeping to 20 and 23psi


width=500 height=266http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/585whpintegrae85-1.jpg[/img]


2.0L GT40R Topmount


18psi I think


width=500 height=266http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/525whpege85.jpg[/img]


My friends new tune, GT42R 85x89mm


18lb boost


width=500 height=266http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/575whpjameswhiteeg.jpg[/img]


K Series All Motor!


width=500 height=266http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/302whpallmotorE85.jpg[/img]


700whp on E85 T67 Setup


width=500 height=266http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e363/TurboTeg96/700whpe85tune.jpg[/img]

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Nice- thanks for posting. It is encouraging to see what the performance world does with this fuel.


Someday when I grow up I might let you take my 2L turbo Saab only turning out 210 hp on pump gas (but I run E20) and make it crank 700 hp too  :D


What is a general overview of the mods you made to get there?

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I went overboard on my car, 450whp is easily obtainable on a completely stock block and still maintain a decent level of reliability. My setup is Piston/Rod bottom end and full valvetrain done to the head but still using the stock cams, but mainly due to the fact that I am reving to 10k rpm. Fuel system is 1000cc Injectors and 2 Walbro 255hp's with a -8 Feed and a 3" Downpipe and Exhaust. The car is fully streetable and I drove it daily from June to September at full boost...lol My setup is no where close to being tapped out, I would need to change the fuel setup and go to 1600cc Injectors and possibly one big pump and I could hit 700-750whp as the car sits now with the boost up in the 30-35psi range. Timing map is basically what the map would look like if I was running a Leaded Race Fuel like C16.

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Nice numbers.  I've always been surprised at the power potential of the little Honda 4-cylinders.  Always remember growing up, seemed like 1hp per cubic inch was the 'holy grail'...then Honda bumped that to 100hp per liter right from the factory, then throw on a turbo and get triple that and then some...putting the Honda's closer to 6hp per cubic inch!

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