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****Help Create a New Station/Closed Station Submission Form****

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OK I am getting ready to add a Form that will go on all the pages at E85Prices.com to report New Stations , Closed stations , Bad addresses , bad location on the Map etc..


So to make the Form I need to create a database and the datase and form (for the website pages) need Indentical Fields.. It's  easier to do this right the first time so what Fields do we need..if you were filling out the Form what Info do you think should be on it.  Now keep in mind if the form is to big no one wil bother filling it out.


Here is what I have to start with:



City: required


Station Name: (New  Station, Station Changed Names ..)

Station Phone: Great if they have it for verification..Not required)

Address: Text (this can be used for new staions , closed Stations or for reporting a Corrected address even if all the person knows is an intersection..Like Main Street and Oak Avenue)


Your email:required


Comments: not requiredJust opened , will be opening next month ,


What else ..?


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