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Crate E85 Chevy 355 - 383 engine ready for sale

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Talk to Dan! He'll want verification of who you are before you sell anything pricey like this here. We're pretty relaxed but still check references.


I'd like to see mileage numbers, too.

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You don't need a 'special' E85 engine for your muscle car - use the one you've got or

buy the one you want.  Just don't pay a premium for it - my 273V8 with absolutely no

modifications to the heads or block is working great on E85.  I've taken the advice of

some of you guys on this site & heres's what I've done:

    1) Swap out old fuel lines [$17]

    2) Change to a Gas/Alcohol compatible fuel pump w/ regulator [$205]

    3) Changed & added 1 fuel filter  [$7]

    4) Monkeyed around w/ timing & carb [$0, but +/- 4 hours & counting]

    5) Used various accessories, 'test' fuel, etc [$25+/-]

    6) Almost forgot, Oil Filter Block-off Plate [$7]


Total Cost:  $ 261  + About 20 hours of time (but that's 'happy' time)

I'd like to look into higher compression heads, but I'm pretty happy with my 9.5 or 10:1

compression (forget the exact build) right now.

Be even more 'Green', use or modify what you've got.


BTW, I couldn't tell if the guy w/ the 'special engine' had only one, or two of them.  Eiither way,

did Chevy ever make a 355 or a 383?  Unless these are the bored out sizes.

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