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Ford Escape getting 88 MPG on E85 ..

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Ok it's getting a little help with an electric motor  :D


Interesting though ..



WASHINGTON, D.C., June 11 ? Ford Motor Company broke new ground by delivering its first-ever flexible fuel capable plug-in hybrid SUV to the U.S. Department of Energy.


The Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid, which runs on gasoline or E85, is part of a demonstration fleet Ford is developing in a partnership with Southern California Edison and the Electric Power Research Institute. Advanced testing on the vehicles is underway in California. The Department of Energy will include the Escape Flexible Fuel Plug-in Hybrid in its fleet to showcase the marriage of technologies and obtain real world experience with the vehicle as it continues its support of advanced fuel technologies.




?Plug-in hybrid technology holds great promise to reduce the nation?s dependence on petroleum and reduce CO? emissions related to climate change, both significant issues for America,? said Mark Fields, President of the Americas, Ford Motor Company. ?As a leader in both hybrid and flexible fuel technology, Ford is well positioned to bring the two together in a plug-in vehicle.?


The vehicle is equipped with a 10 kilowatt advanced lithium ion energy battery supplied by Johnson-Controls/Saft that stores enough electric energy to drive up to 30 miles at speeds of up to 40 mph. When fueled by E85 ethanol, which has a lower energy content than gasoline, fuel economy can reach up to 88 mpg in urban driving and up to 50 mpg on the highway. Based on current estimates, the vehicle would emit 60 percent less CO? than a conventional gasoline powered vehicle. That CO? reduction could reach 90 percent if cellulosic ethanol is used in place of gasoline.




.............  http://www.ford.com/about-ford/news-announcements/press-releases/press-releases-detail/pr-ford-motor-company-delivers-28424


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Ahhh, the old plug-in-hybrid 'mpg' trick!


Another reason we really need to get into a 'miles per dollar' mode!  88mpg sounds impressive, but when you add in the cost of electricity to charge the beast, plus several thousand bucks to replace that battery pack at 100,000 miles, plus the $$$ premium for a big honkin lithium ion battery pack you may not be a lot better off.  But at least you're able to cut back on foreign oil, so that is a plus!


(I just had to replace the lithium ion battery in my lap top computer after a year and two months - 8 cells, 14.4 volts, 4.4 amp hours - 65 bucks !  That would power the Fords 10kw motor for 22 seconds!  I wonder what one big enough to run a car costs?

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I think they need to cover the roof of that thing with solar panels (appropriately hardened / shielded for automotive usage, of course).  Have the solar panels constantly charging the battery, even when it's off and nobody is in it.


Plug in?  I need to get into the extension cord business!  ;)


Edit:  I wonder how much oil and energy is required to make one battery pack?  Then, where is it made?

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What is it about batteries that keeps us from making them here? 


With SUV and big truck assembly lines shutting down in various areas


of the country, seems like there'd be an available pool of workers and locations


to choose from... All 3 of the major car companies have a major stake in electric


propulsion starting in the '09-10 timeframe.  Why not use this time to get a hefty lead


on what will become a critcal path??

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