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Iowa Blender Pump program/incentives

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Well this is interesting ..the High Price of Gasoline means some pumps cant calculate past $3.99 and some owners cannot afford the fix or installing new. Iowa Dept of Ag IS pushing Blender Pumps as replacment using the blender pump grant money to help defray the cost ..excellent Idea  :)



Our family owned gas stations don't have the profit margins to do this," said State Senator Brian Schoenjahn. "They serve the community in different functions. They're meeting places and their money is made on food sales, not on gas."

      Schoenjahn was among Iowa senators to write Secretary Northey seeking an extension for small gas stations to make the upgrades.

      Stations are given 15 days from when they receive their notice to comply.

Said Schoenjahn, "It could make the difference of whether or not they will close. We're trying to encourage Ag Secretary Northey to back off these smaller stations until they can get it done," he said. Schoenjahn also said the legislature approved a bill to assist retailers with the cost of installing blender pumps.

      E85 blender pumps mix ethanol and unleaded gasoline at the pump. The state has grant programs that will pay the majority of the pump and installation. Schoenjahn said the state is doing this to encourage ethanol production and use. "It would be in the best interest for these small stations to contact the Dept. of Ag to see if they would help with costs if they put in blender pumps instead." Schoenjahn said some small stations may not have the correct tanks to hold ethanol but

it deserves consideration.



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Blender pumps cost approx $5,000-$6,000 more than normal MPD's (multi-product dispensers)

Blender pumps cost approx $8,000-10,000 more than a single product dispenser

UL Certification costs approx $7,500 more in either a single product, MPD, or blender version.


Thus a 3 hose blender UL certified E85 w/o cash acceptors will be around the $27,500 mark and a single hose UL E85 non-blender around the $16,000-18,000 mark.


UL certified dispensers are not out the door yet but Intep approved are ready. In other words you will pay the extra for a fully equal E85 dispenser as E85 UL but not get the label :mad:

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