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Where is the station in Marysville WA?

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The New Lakewood Shell is located at:


1401 172nd St. NE

Marysville, WA 98271


They have two hoses out front with E85 and one in the back. There is also Biodeisel in the back.


OK Thanks You everyone.. The Shell in Marysville is now listed .. http://e85prices.com/washington.html


Congrats Washington 1 Slowly but surely you are getting Stations with E85

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Hi folks,

Just to clear the confusion, these are the same station.  It is NOT listed on many of the E85 sites as they are mostly "Pay to Play".  Current Price is 3.379 and it is available under contract, so the price is stable.  I was in there yesterday and was floored that they had E85 - always.  No ads or signs, just yellow handled pumps (the reason I stopped).


The Explorer is running a test on a tuner for gas, but will go back to the old tuner and a new E85 tune.

The Focus is running a test on a new additive (no plugs before results! sorry).  Then it goes to straight E85 again.

Woo Hoo!  I'm stoked, no more trips to Portland toting back 5 - 5 gallon cans per trip...


For those local Folks, I'll have a booth at the Stanwood Car Show on the 29th pimpin' E85.

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