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Letter sent to Verasun this morning RE: Kroger and Texas E85

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Now that Kroger is charging at or near the highest E85 prices in the nation I have stopped using Verasun E85 and gone back to unleaded gasoline. I have tuned my vehicles to work well with E85 and get typically 15% less economy using E85. Under Kroger's 9% differential pricing it costs me 3.5 cents more per mile to use E85.  This widespread practice is almost exclusively Kroger's domains in Texas and Ohio.  I also have no reason to shop at Kroger any longer due to they're now  just another grocery store and there are several gasoline outlets easily beating their unleaded prices.


I don't know how the impact affects Verasun but its about $5000 less per year that I spend on E85 at Kroger's fuel centers and $5000 less per year in groceries.  In the big picture I am just one of many consumers, but how many of me are there that have made the switch?


Thanks for your help.  I hope this message is conveyed to Kroger and I would like a responsible party from Kroger to talk to me.  They do not want to discuss this at a local or regional level.



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