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How does Colorado do it ?

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  I actually DID talk to one of the Western Convenience reps a few weeks ago


asking him what the prospects were for more E85 on the Western slope of


Colorado.  He said there probably won't be much more than is in place now,


which means the 3-4 stations that are either in place, or about to be put online.


He also was quite troubled by something he couldn't exactly explain , other than


to mention it was "political".. I wonder if this is the topic mentioned in the other


post, regarding BP snarfing up all the east-coast ethanol... 


  I also wonder if this means the end of our spot on  E85prices chart "Top 10"


Well so far pricing remians very strong http://e85prices.com/colorado.html


anything new in the grapevine..err corn stalk  ?

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            Nope , nothing new.  As you state , prices remain good -- in excess of 1.00/per gallon


        difference now,  but as prices climb, that might be more the norm ...



        I don't have an idea how the price can be so competitive out here. Most of the e-plants here


        have sizable rail networks on site, so corn comes in by rail, but ethanol also is going out by rail.


        Now if some percentage is reserved for local blending of E85, that could be it.


          Also, we may be enjoying low natural gas costs for processing. We have a major drilling


        boom going on now over much of the Northeastern corner of the state. Don't know how our


      industrial price of natural gas compares w/ other areas of the country.


        I'll be on the road to western Colorado here soon, so will make a stop at a few of the stations


        there, and also in Utah.. maybe I can bug 'em(Utah) about their prices, while I'm at it..


          Say , you wouldn't happen to have some business cards or something with your website


        address to pass among the motoring public, would you?


          Something that has the e85prices.com  address & logo .... to point folks to your website...   

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maybe it is due to the fact that the coors plant in golden produces 1.5 million gallons of 99% Ethanol from their wast products every year for use in E85. also the governor of colorado is pro E85 and alternative fuels here so im guessing there are some added incentives in colorado.





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