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Guest colchiro

Filled at Fargo Cenex Petroserve today

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Guest colchiro

19 deg F today and windy so wind chill was 4 deg. :P  Both E85 pumps were full and one pickup was waiting for the one pump and since I fill on the left and the lady taking her time filled on the right, I was waiting in the front facing her, but not so close to her that it was obvious I was wanting her spot.


Chevy pickup guy pulls in and when she slowly leaves, drives around and takes my spot. That's ok, I can wait another 5 minutes. ::)  Finally the other pump clears and I'm able to drive around to that side.


From the noises I could hear from the other pump, sounded like he was mixing E85 and unleaded. If it wasn't so damn cold, I would have quizzed him on his results. Of course, my side was out of paper and since I hadn't paid attention after swiping my card, had to run inside to a) tell them they were out of paper, 2) tell them they need more E85 pumps and I'd like to see blender pumps installed, iii) get my receipt. Passed mixer guy on my way out. Bet he was out of paper too.


I've talked on the phone to the manager (when their pumps were down) and know it was a woman so my little discussion with this kid wasn't going to get any immediate results. I'm sure they get lots of comments on the E85 pump being busy. They have the best price difference on E85 in Fargo by a few cents and are just off Main Avenue and I29 so suspect they get a lot of traffic.

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