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The submission came through just fine James..The reason you received an email was just a a confirmation/copy of your submission. So that you know the form is working. I'll get it listed today and yes keep "educating" the Managers on Price Spread ;)





New station in Fenton, Michigan. 


I tried to add it using the php form on the "report new stations" page, but for some reason, it e-mailed itself to me, instead of e-mailing it to you.


So here is the data- (I took my home e-mail out here, but when the form e-mailed it self to me, it was there).





City :: Fenton


State :: Michigan 48430


Station Name :: Sunoco- US23 & Owen Road


Station Address :: 3325 Owen Road


Your email :: (It was here, and this is where the form e-mailed itself).


Comments :: Hi Dan.  New Station- Sunoco, 3325 Owen Road, Fenton, Michigan Phone is (810)629-0002.   I gave the manager classes today on pricing- she was using a fixed price vs. gasoline method. She started carrying 2 months ago. When she understood the 15% or greater, and 20% or greater to get people to come her way, she understood.  Competition now in this town doing wonders for pricing. James48843 sends.






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Thanks- now if we could only figure out why the site's computer systems crash every day- 2 weeks worth of head scratching, parts swapping, analysis of computer logs, and just plain frustration. Sometimes a new site is like this until one finds a poor ground, radio interference, bad connection, stray voltage, or defective circuit board. Just hope our new customers forgive us.


We are building # 17 near Winneconne right now and hope to complete # 18 at Seymour (Birthplace of the Hamburger :D) before Christmas.

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New station adding e85 in North Central Alabama:


County Line Fuelz

313 Cane Creek Road

Warrior, AL 35180


Off I-65 North at exit 282.  One side of one island at this time.  Price on 10/26 was $2.29, regular was $2.55.

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Top secret- you know the saying-"if I told you, I'd have to---" Besides-then it would be that much easier to make better bets on next year's totals. Now if you would PM me and send me $ for the tip :P :P



Yep I've Got Outlaw.. http://e85prices.com/wisconsin.html 


Care to share a Sneak Peak at what you all have plans for in 09 ?  :)

Dan-Did I give you Renew Fuel, 6088 Harbour View Drive, Winneconne WI. 54986 ??  :-[ It has been open about a week now.

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