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Found 1 result

  1. Guest

    Under the hood

    I'm a fan of "Under the Hood Radio Show". Today, the topic drifted to flex vehicles and technology of these new model vehicles. The Nordstrom brothers akin to click and clack, but have better repair advice for vehicles and they appear to top of their game with up to date knowledge. The head advice brother claimed modern FFV much improved from the old days of losing 30% mpg economy. Ford especially. Current model vehicles tuned to exploit ethanol fuel benefits. Present day FFv only lose 10%-15% mileage on E85. He said if ever the engine and transmission were to be optimized for the fuel the mileage would be about equal. This guy would be rated the go to guy for mechanics that have hard to solve problems. The topic started per info that Ford's model T was a flex vehicle per the need of remote farmers lack of gas station. Farmers could brew moonshine to power the car. The car was able to burn a wide variety of fuels. The post was asking if Henry Ford was coerced to gasoline.
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